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Artists are invited to submit for consideration one or more paintings, drawings or hand made prints. There should be a link to Scotland by virtue of either the artist’s abode, place of birth, training or their choice of submitted subject matter.
Up to one hundred submissions will be selected for an exhibition to be staged in October 2023 at the historic Glasgow Art Club. The exhibition will also be staged concurrently online. The submitted work is expected to be the artist’s depiction of a recognisable life form, object, or scene.
Artists may submit up to 4 submissions for consideration by a selection panel who will limit their possible selection of work to no more than one artwork per submitting artist. The selection will be based upon the panel’s judgment of the artist’s demonstrated level of innovation, skill and creativity in representing their subject

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  • · Work by any artist (student, amateur or professional) that has a connection with Scotland by virtue of either:

- the artist’s current abode, training or upbringing; or

- choice of subject matter.

  • Subject matter that is a recognizable life form, object or scene (e.g. human figure, flora, fauna, still life, landscape, seascape, city scape, interior).

  • Produced using any wet or dry medium, in any combination, this includes printmaking (etching, woodcut, linocut, screen print) but excludes photographic and digital imagery. Submitted work should either be framed using a wooden frame into which ‘L’ hooks can be screwed or, for canvas or linen supports, stretched over a wooden frame. Framed size should not exceed 2 meters in either height or width.








Following receipt of their submission, the submitting artist will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt email


  • Selection will be based entirely upon the submitted image(s), artists should therefore endeavor to ensure that their images are of adequate quality and clarity.

  • The organisers reserve the right to reject a submitted work for which the above details that are not optional have not been provided.

  • Submissions will not be able to be able to be amended once made, but can be withdrawn by emailing be emailing

    . It should be noted that entry fees cannot be refunded once paid.

  • Unless the submitting artists opts to receive further communication, the information provided at time of submission will be used by the orgainsers to administer the [Scottish Prize for Fine Art] and provide notification of its future staging.

  • All artists who enter the prize also agree to recieve emails from the Scottish School of Classical Art and the Glasgow Art Club, you can opt out of this at any time by replying to any email with “opt out”.


  • All submitted work for which required details have been provided will be subject to the Selection and Judging Panel’s consideration. This includes work submitted by the students and staff of the Scottish School of Classical Art and Glasgow Art Club members.

  • The Selection and Judging Panel’s judgment will be considered final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  • All submitting artist will be notified as to whether their work has been selected in accordance with the above stated timeline.

  • Those whose work has been selected will be issued with a label template which they must complete and attach to the back or base of their submitted work prior to delivery.


  • Submitting artist whose work is accepted for exhibition are responsible for ensuring delivery to the Glasgow Art Club’s premises in accordance with the above stated timeline.

  • The Glasgow Art Club requests that those artists who deliver their work in person should endeavor to remove and retain any packaging that has been used on account of having very limited storage capacity for such.

  • Artists wishing to use a courier to deliver their work must cover the cost of carriage and take responsibility for adequate packing. The following courier services are known to the Glasgow Art Club:

  • VAN2GO - 07867 501778

  • ABC Couriers - 07967119298

Prize Judging

  • The judging for all prizes will be undertaken following receipt and hanging of selected works.

  • The main Scottish Prize for Fine Art will be judged by the full Selection and Judging Panel.

  • Other prizes will be judged by a representative of the prize’s sponsor guided by one or more members of the Selection and Judging Panel.

  • The prize winners will be announced at the exhibition opening and prize giving as indicated by the above stated timeline.

  • The prize judge’s decisions will be considered final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Online Exposure

  • All work that is accepted for the exhibition will also feature in a concurrent online exhibition.

  • Work that is labeled for sale will be able to be purchased online for the duration of the physical exhibition.

  • The ability to purchase online will cease when the physical exhibition closes. The online exhibition will however continue to persist, but without an ability to purchase.


  • All artists whose work has been accepted for the exhibition will be encouraged to publicise the exhibition using their own social media channels.


  • Any sales of work labeled for sale will be subject to the following commission rates:

  • Glasgow Art Club members and Scottish Scholl of Classical art students – 30%

  • Otherwise – 40%

  • This commission will be deducted from the indicated label price.

  • Should the purchaser of a sold work require shipping then the additional cost of shipping will be borne by the purchaser.

  • Artists who incur a sale will be notified and asked to supply their bank account details so as to enable payment of due balance. This will be transacted within four weeks of the exhibition’s stated closing date.

Purchased work should not be removed from the exhibition prior the exhibition’s closure. An exception may be made for sales close to closure.

Insurance and Damage to Work

  • The organisers will take utmost care of all works selected for exhibition whilst under their care. However the organisers will not take any responsibility to compensate in the event of loss or damage being incurred.

  • Submitting artists are therefore advised to make their own insurance arrangements as they consider appropriate.


  • Copyright pertaining to submitted works will remain with the submitting artist, however the Organisers reserve the right to use submitted imagery and details solely and only to promote the Scottish Fine Art Prize.

  • The Glasgow Art Club is also used a function venue, as such exhibiting artists should be aware and accepting that their exhibited work could feature as background in social media posts uploaded by function attendees.

End of Exhibition Collection

  • Exhibiting artists who sell their work will not be required to collect or otherwise organise transfer of their sold work. This the organisrs will do.

  • Exhibiting artists whose exhibited work does not sell should arrange for collection of their work within the ‘collection window’ as indicated by the above stated timeline.

  • The organisers will provide bubble wrap to any exhibiting artists who do not bring their own packing material at time of collection.

  • Exhibiting artists should be in position to pack their work at time of collection.

  • The organisers cannot guarantee return of any packing material that an exhibiting artist may have left at the Glasgow Art Club.

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